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Couple photographer - Love session photographer


Privileged witness to your love as a destination wedding photographer in Paris. It is for me the best way to keep an unforgettable memory of the most beautiful day of your life.

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About me

Love photographer Paris

Professional photographer specializing in engagement session and love session photography.

I follow you where your hearts take me and when you hire  me, you don't just hire a photographer of your intimate moments, I also know how to reassure you, sometimes advise you or be the food or water carrier!


When I'm not on a photographic adventure in France or abroad, I'm  living in Paris and have been here for over 14 years. You well guessed it, I like to travel, discover universes and experiment with new photographic crazy things.

During my engagement sessions and destination wedding photo reports, I attach great importance to photographs taken on the spot, there is no denying that you are more beautiful and beautiful in nature!


For me there is no overrated beauty criteria like you can find in magazines, what excites me is you and your emotions!

And that is what makes the interest and the beauty of a photo.


For non-French speakers or weddings welcoming guests who speak little or no French, don't panic! I speak english pretty well and I even have some notions of other languages ​​such as Spanish, Italian and Japanese.


My values ​​can be summed up in two words: Respect & Love. Respect for nature and living beings, whatever they may be. Love regardless of appearance, beliefs, social class, gender.

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About Vibrant Feelings

Destination wedding photographer since 2020

Vibrant Feelings was born only a short time ago, but it followed a gentle journey of encounters and incredible experiences in the event and wedding industry. I had to overcome the fear of being closer to you to accompany you and witness your most beautiful emotions. It's not just about pressing a button actually...



As a Paris wedding photographer, my photos, a sweet mix of spontaneous photos and portraits of posed couples have been published in various international blogs and sites. It's not the most important info but it's good for the ego! Finally it seems, because the main thing is to put a bit of yourself and a lot of heart into it.


I listen to and observe the couples I accompany a lot in order to best meet their expectations. The most important thing is that your day goes smoothly and that the photos are not a chore but a pleasant and fun time! Often I am taken for a guest, a friend of the couple or of the family. I am there sometimes discrete ninja way sometimes as a conductor.


I developed my artistic sensitivity to compose delicate and impactful images full of sincerity. My goal is to create unique images of your fondest memories. I am inspired by you first but also by nature, art in general (music, film, series, plastic arts, architecture, performances...). I am curious by nature in all areas.



Having a background in concert and travel photography, I can adapt to the worst light situations under a mountain of excited spectators or under torrents of rain with my feet in the mud. I am also a portrait photographer for companies, athletes and artists of all stripes, which also allows me to understand light, bodies and give my best to highlight you.


I have the chance to accompany couples for their big day in incredible places such as Scotland (Edinburgh, Isle of Skye), Portugal (Madeira...), Morocco (Marrakech, desert...), Belgium, Sweden (Malmö...)...

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Wedding Pricing informations and other details to hire me

This day passes so quickly and everyone will tell you. What could be more important than choosing the right destination wedding photographer in order to keep the pleasure of seeing your photos throughout your life.


This is why I offer different packages for elopement photography and destination wedding photography including the essentials for a quality report.


During our first exchanges, we will be able to adapt a package to your expectations because it is important to me that you are satisfied with the photographic service offered and that you choose your best french wedding photographer.


My rates start at 750Є for an intimate wedding during the week (Monday-Thursday) and evolve up to 2500Є for a full day wedding on the weekend (Friday-Sunday). These rates include my support during the long period of preparations for your big day, the processing of photos using professional software to give them my personal touch and make some touch-ups if necessary, your online gallery will be private and accessible to your loved ones for a Free download of snapshots. You will also receive physical support in the form of a wooden box containing your USB key, also made of wood, as well as prints in postcard format.


My travel expenses are included for the Paris area and can be included throughout France depending on the package chosen. The meal(s) are to be paid for by the bride and groom.

For a photoshoot session in Paris, I offer one package of one hour photoshoot at 400Є. All details written below...

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Package - Dalhia

Duration 1h

+ Client's quizz + Pinterest boards
 + Bespoke photoshoot (scouting)
 + Full gallery, private access during 6 months
 + 30 edited HD pictures minimum guaranted 
  + Transportation included in Paris for your Photographer

Price :

400 €

engagement photoshoot paris

Package - Bergamote

- Photoshoot or Elopement: 2h

 + Client's quizz + Pinterest boards
 + Bespoke photoshoot (scouting)
 + Full gallery, private access during 6 months
 + 50 edited HD pictures minimum guaranted 
  + Transportation included in Paris 
for your Photographer
 + 10 prints 13x18cm

Price :

675 €

Manon et Morgan - Séance Grossesse-58.jpg

Package - Lavande

- Photoshoot or Elopement : 3h

+ Client's quizz + Pinterest boards

+ Bespoke photoshoot (scouting) 
+ 70 edited HD pictures minimum guaranted  
 + Full gallery, private access during 1 year

+ Book (30x30cm - 30 pages)
  + Transportation included in Paris   
for your Photographer

Price :


Marion et Thibault - Séance Engagement-61.jpg


Destination wedding photographer in Paris, I just love wide open spaces and nature in which I love to recharge my batteries. Whether in urban landscapes or in the most remote places, I love using my environment to capture your most intense emotions. You think you already understood it, I follow you wherever your hearts will take me in order to testify to your love. During your elopement or wedding, it's a wave of emotions that overwhelms you and transports you, without filter, and my job is to transcribe it as faithfully as possible in your photo report.

Tell me your love story

My Reports tells the story of the happiest day of your life in the most authentic way I can.

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