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based in Paris

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Destination wedding photographer Paris

Hello, I'm Aurélie!.

I'm a professional photographer living in this beautiful and romantic city which is called Paris since over 16 years. I like the old architecture and intimate vibes of the secret places of Paris. 

I work with couples from all over the world to create unforgivable memories and capture the most realistic emotions of your very special day. My long experience in event report will guaranty you a gallery of pictures that shows all the love you share and the links you have with your family and friends. 

Let’s get to know each other!

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My personality

I'm not only your d-day photographer, I can help you with your schedule and give you some advises. I'm here by your side when it's needed.


People always says that I'm professional and discreet during the wedding day but also very friendly and easy to speak with. Which means that I'm doing my best to let you and the people very comfortable with me so I will capture raw emotions and lovely portraits.

More about

How I work

During my engagement sessions and destination wedding photo reports, I attach great importance to photographs taken on the spot, there is no denying that you are more beautiful and beautiful in nature!

During a photoshoot session, I will advise you with poses but never enforce. Capturing the best of you is my mission.


For me there is no overrated beauty criteria like you can find in magazines, what excites me is you and your emotions! And that is what makes the interest and the beauty of an image.

My Values

Respect & Love. Respect for nature and living beings, whatever they may be. Love regardless of appearance, beliefs, social class, gender.

Professional & Cheerful. I will be by your side and help you to experience the best day of your life but also keep the most beautiful memories.

Genuine & Candid. Your pictures will reflect you, your love and what's keep you close to your relatives.

destination wedding photographer france
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